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The Honorary Degree Committee, by the appointment of the Rector and the approval of the Board of Trustee is charged with the solicitation of nominations and approval for honorary degree recipients. IUM will award Honorary Doctoral Degrees to recognize individuals who are of conspicuous merit, outstanding morality or who have attained achievements of extraordinary and lasting distinction. Awards shall be based on an individual's record of scholarship, creativity, leadership, humanitarian service or public service.


The Committee will make its selections of honorary degree recipients from nominations submitted to and recommended by the Faculty Committee on Honorary Degrees and from nominations submitted directly to the Executive Board of IUM.


Nominators are requested to submit a letter or using a form stating in sufficient detail their reasons for the nominations. This letter should describe the nominee's extraordinary achievements or leadership, distinguished service, or exemplary character. Materials should accompany the letters to include, but not limited to, biographical information, and a record of accomplishment, and supporting letters and contact information from those who can speak to that record. Because the selection committee must choose between illustrious and notable nominees, please provide as complete a nomination as possible.


Broad support from a department, organization or group of faculty will strengthen the nomination. The quality of the supporting materials is very important, since the members of the Committee cannot be assumed to have independent knowledge of each candidate's achievements. The materials submitted serve as a basis for evaluating the qualifications of a nomination.The donation for the Honorary Doctoral Degree is One Thousand dollars ($1000 USD). The donation amount must be paid in full before the degree can be conferred or received by the candidate if nominated.


Honorary Degree Types

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Monastery Administration

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Administration with Morality

  • Doctorate of Education in Morality

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Morality


International University of Morality is in a unique position to offer you an extraordinary opportunity. Please submit your application, with all necessary requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, contact one of our representatives.


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