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International University of Morality (IUM) is a non-profit corporation under the State of Florida, organized exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes. The state document number of incorporation is N14000007251. 


1. Graduates of Bachelor degrees obtain professional skill, knowledge, and morality with ability to express views extensively

2. Graduates of Master degrees obtain professional skill and morality to analyze and solve complex problems

3. Graduates of Doctorate degrees contribute new knowledge of morality to the society

4. People with continual practices of morality are honored and become a model for others to follow.

Defnitions of Morality

IUM defines 'Morality' as well-intentioned action leading to a decrease in suffering for others.  To name a few: honesty, responsibility, respect, and kindness all contribute to this goal.  To the extent that thought, prayer and meditation makes one more virtuous, these are also acts of morality.

Legal status

International University of Morality is a religious institution established on the SECTION 1005.06(1)(f) and RULE 6E-5.001, Fla. Admin. Code.  Documentation at  Any questions regarding the status of the university can be sent to the Florida Commission for Independent Education, 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL.32399, U.S.A.

Tax-exempted status

International University of Morality is a non-profit organization under 501(c)3 of IRS code.  American donors may use receipt as tax deduction.


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