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T U I T I O N  F E E


IUM is a non-profit organization.  The tuition fee has been kept as low as possible to encourage enrollment and to provide an opportunity for those in need.  

Master's degree:

Application fee: free

Coursework: 7 subjects to complete.  (Normally US$50 per subject, NOW IS ALL FREE.)

Thesis: 5 steps to complete.  US$180 per step

Total tuition fee: NOW FOR US$900.

Payment method:  Credit/debit card


Doctorate degree:

Application fee:  free 

Coursework: 11 subjects to complete.  (Normally US$ 50 per subject, NOW IS ALL FREE)

Dissertation: 5 steps to complete.  US$ 500 per step.

Total tuition fee: NOW FOR US$2,500

Payment method:  Credit/debit card

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