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L O G O , D I P L O M A  &  G O W N


Logo of International University of Morality depicts three symbols:

  1. A meditating man means students and graduates from IUM are of good behaviors and morality practices

  2. A book means knowledge is a means of human development

  3. Plants means people growth as the result of morality practices and knowledge seeking


Diploma of International University of Morality must contain five components:

  1. Logo and title of the university

  2. Name of the recipient

  3. Degree title

  4. Date of issuance

  5. Signature of the president and his board

Gown of International University of Morality consists of:

  1. A cap showing success of life

  2. A gown showing stripes on arms with degree having accomplished:

    • One stripe for Bachelor's degree

    • Two stripes for Master's degree

    • Three stripes for Doctorate degree

  3. Golden pin of the university is on the chest area of the gown

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