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Courses at IUM are designed for those on the move or need flexibility in time and place of study.  As long as being connected to the internet, the class is right there to be in.

Forget the traditional classroom, and jump into the online class at your convenience. 

Credit system

A standard credit system is used at IUM.  All classes are self-paced.  It is the students to collect credits from their study to reach the point of graduation.  This will involve their availability of time and financial sources.  A study plan is advised as follows:


Self-paced study

Most classes are self-paced study.  Students decide when they want to complete the program.  They will be directed to e-books, video, online articles, or e-learning materials. 

Master and Doctorate degree - Thesis or dissertation is required to complete the program.  All coursework in morality and expertise must be completed before continuing to the thesis.

Duration of study

  • Master Degree.  Florida Law requires at least 24 semester credit hours or 1,620 clock hours to complete it.  If a student spends 8 hours a day every day, he would need 202.5 days or 7 months.

  • Doctoral Degree.  60 semester credit hours is required by the Florida Law, which is equal to 2,700 clock hours or 337.5 days if one study 8 hours a day every day.

Program achievement

Students will have to complete assignments of any class as prescribed in the learning materials.  Some classes may require online exam.

There are no limit of time to complete the program.  However, the students need to contact IUM at least once per semester to maintain their status in case of late graduation.

Transfer of credits


Students can transfer their credits for up to 75% of the total required to complete the program.  The allowed forms of credit transfer are:

  1. Transcripts from previous institutes, translated into English and verified by the institute

  2. Satisfactory results of challenge exams arranged by IUM or accepted institutes

  3. Satisfactory proofs of pre-learning experiences to IUM's academic board



The following criteria must be met for graduation:

1. Pass all required courses

2. Submission of graduation request form on the last semester expected to graduate 

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