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Please follow these following steps carefully: 

  1. Click here to login our system

  2. Click 'Sign in' icon which looks like this:

  3. Click 'Signup' and setup your own username

  4. On signup success, sign-in again

  5. On menu, click 'Registration', the browser will ask you to choose the desired program of study.  Choose one.

  6. You will be approved within a second.  Return to 'Registration' and start choosing class as suggested:

  7. On menu, click 'Class' to accesss material and assignment.

Please submit the scanned files of required documents as soon as possible: 

  1. Proof of identity having a photograph of the applicant, such as

    • passport

    • national ID card with English pronunciation of your name

    • driver's license with English pronunciation of your name 

  2. Proof of previous education, such as a diploma or a transcript 


Applicants need to submit them to (Subject: Documentation); otherwise, diploma cannot be issued. 

Please be aware that fake documentation can lead to the postpone of your application and degree.

If you have problems applying, please contact us.

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