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At IUM, we provide students with educational opportunities built on a moral foundation.  Students can be located in any part of the world as long as they have access to the internet.  Every student can benefit themselves and their society in their respective fields through the study and application of moral philosophy.


Admission is a simplified online process.  Please see our requirements on this page.  If you are qualified, then we welcome you to complete the application and you can be a part of our university within the click of submit. The application will be approved in seconds and you can start class registration right away.  Be on your way to the degree of your choice at your own pace.

Qualification of applicants:

To study for Master's degree, one must complete Bachelor degree or equivalent as minimum.

To study for Doctorate degree, one must complete Master degree or equivalent as minimum.


Start your application by clicking here.

It's easy within minutes and you can start your classes.


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