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It is free to apply to IUM.  Applicants need to submit the online application form by following this instruction:

Click here to enter the system

  1. Click 'Signup' and set your own username

  2. On signup success, sign in and click 'Apply' then 'Program' to choose the program you want to pursue

  3. On program application success, if you wish to apply for a scholarship, click 'Apply', then 'Scholarship'

  4. Wait for approval which should take 1-3 working days before start class registration

  5. You can check you approval status by signing in your account and click on your name on top of the page.

  6. If you are approved to study the program, you can start class registration immediately.

Please prepare the scanned files of required documents: 

  • Proof of identity, such as a passport, a government ID card, etc. having a photograph of the applicant

  • Proof of education, such as a diploma or a transcript

  • A recent photo 

To submit them, enter the system and click your name.  Scroll to the Evidence section to upload them

If you have problems applying, please contact us.

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